7 Top Tips To Keep Your Oven Sparkling Clean

So you’ve just had your Oven Professionally Cleaned, purchased a new one or maybe you have moved into a property and the oven wasn’t left in the best of conditions for you. Are you looking for tips on how to keep your oven sparkling clean?

Here are 7 Tips for a Cleaner Oven

Sparkling clean Ovens by Ovenmagic
Get your oven Sparkling Clean
  1. Always Read through the Instruction Manual  ( mostly available online these days), we know its boring stuff but if you have just moved into a property the manual will give you an idea of what you can and can’t do, maybe your oven has a self-clean function or special coatings and must not be cleaned with conventional Products.
  2. Use an Oven Liner as long as your oven does not have a heating element under the base of your oven (not visible) refer to the manual,   Oven Liners are an excellent way to catch spills and make for easier cleaning as they can be removed, cleaned by hand or dishwasher and will last a long time, mine is at least 5 years Old.
  3. Clean as you Go once the oven has Cooled down sufficiently remove trays/racks and side Runners if you have them, and wipe out any spills, or splashes with a damp soapy microfibre cloth be very careful not to wipe damp cloth over the Air vents on the top of door otherwise you will get drips on the inside of the glass door.
  4. Cover your Food and put lids on Casseroles if you don’t like roasting bags, I tend to put my Pizza trays above the roast on the top shelf you can still place roast potatoes on the tray, and the holes in the pizza tray to allow steam to escape making it crispy, heat from the tray radiates down as well not perfect but helps to keep the top of the oven clean.
  5. Use Roasting Bags, a great way to seal in flavour and stop fat splashes from reaching the sides and top of the oven
  6. Run the grill for the last 3-5 minutes during roasting, towards the end of the roast put the grill on if you have one fitted in the oven this will help brown and crisp but more importantly burn off any fat and carbonise any splashes above it.
  7. Keep the glass door clean by regularly wiping over it when cooled with soapy micro, Bar Keepers Friend or Atonish will help remove stubborn stains, avoid wiping the vents with anything damp otherwise you will end up with streaks/runs on the inside of the glass door

Is your oven Sparkling Clean

Hopefully, you found some valuable tips and tricks here that will keep your Oven looking sparkling clean for a long time, we recommend a deep clean depending on usage and cooking style (open roasting) at least every 12-18 months Thanks for Looking.