Help, my oven is smoking! - by OvenMagic Birmingham

Have you ever turned on your oven and felt the panic, as you see the smoke appear?
Assuming your oven is not new, (if the oven is smoking it could be because of layers of grease or the residue coating put on ovens for protection in transit) then there are several reasons your oven could be smoking.

Some you can deal with yourself, others you will need to get some help with.

Reasons why it might be smoking!

1) You’ve left your dinner in too long or forgotten to take out last night’s remains. Solution – Take it out (carefully, it’s hot after all and bin it.)

2) Burnt on grease – grease in the oven is inevitable during the cooking process, but it doesn’t need to be a problem. How you deal with might depend on where it is:

  • On the elements – the best solution to this is to leave the elements on for a few minutes after cooking to allow the elements to burn off the grease.
  • The walls or bottom of the oven – a good clean of the oven with the right products should solve this.
  • Under the grill element – this is trickier to access on your own. We advise getting in a professional, as there may be special panels depending on your model oven that can be removed to aid with a deep cleaning.
  • The grill pan – this often gets a build-up of carbon or grease which can be impossible to clean yourself, time to contact the professionals. At OvenMagic we have a dip tank and use environmentally friendly solutions that will clean your grill pan, oven racks etc. almost as good, as new, saving you the time and expense of replacing them.

3) Aluminium foil – some people in an attempt to keep the oven clean or aid cooking may line the oven-racks or the bottom of the oven with aluminium foil. This is not advisable and the foil will heat and in the right conditions will melt or burn, causing smoke and possible damage to the oven itself.

The aluminium can also cause problems due to overheating for the elements or even crack the oven-door glass.

4) A damaged oven – whether it’s a faulty thermostat (does food burn even on low/normal settings?) or a damaged heating element you should speak to a professional about getting it repaired. We don’t fix ovens, but after it’s been mended, it may need a deep clean, perhaps we could be of help with that.

If you live in the Birmingham area and your oven needs a clean, then contact OvenMagic Birmingham. Our team of experts work wonders. They will leave your oven wonderfully clean and even tidy-up after themselves.

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