How do I clean a Self-Cleaning Oven

Dirty Oven

Neff, Bosch, Siemens oven usually offer a self-clean option, but yourself clean oven does need a little help.  Here we’ll explain how to go from a dirty oven to clean in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1.  Take out all Shelves and shelf supports, these can either then be soaked in a large tray or sink / bath with solution of biological washing powder and  very hot water, for between 1-24hrs (remember there is no need to remove self-cleaning panels).

Step 2. Consult your appliance manual for the settings for your particular model as each models self-clean cycle will be slightly different. Once you’ve followed the instructions in most cases will lock itself ( the oven will heat to very high temperatures in order to complete the clean and this prevents accidental injury during the cycle) and continue in self cleaning mode for 1-2 hrs sometimes more.

Step 3. Once your ovens has cooled down, with a damp Micro fibre cloth wipe out the left over residue, and then remove your oven racks, shelf supports from you desired container and lightly scrub off by this time softened left over residue, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Results; it should be a Sparkling clean oven as stated by the manufacture!  ‘’Just Wipe Out the Ash’’

If this is not the case and your Oven is not as clean as this!

OvenMagic Clean Oven

it could be time for you to consult a Professional Oven Cleaner like OvenMagic.