Ovenmagic AGA Cleaning Service Worcestershire

Photo of a 4 oven Aga
Aga Cleaning by www.Ovenmagic.me

It’s that time of year again when the leaves are starting to fall and the nights are getting cooler.

It will soon be time to re-light the AGA for the many months ahead lets hope we have a mild autumn,winter this year.

Here at Ovenmagic we have had a very busy spring, summer cleaning mainly AGAs but have come across a few Rayburns, Esse’s and Stanley’s all of which have benefited from our expert knowledge and attention to detail, that said the majority where repeat customers and referrals as well new clients searching us out from as far away as Herefordshire.

Ovenmagic can remove all traces of carbon and grease from your hot plate,ovens, and exterior using our very own unique fully Bio-degradable products, the waste products are recycled.

Ovenmagic are able to restore your Aluminum parts to there former glory with out the expense of buying replacement parts, delivery and fitting costs, and most important environmental cost, (we cannot restore dents or misuse ) we can make them look a lot better.

Ovenmagic have 5 years experience cleaning AGA’s and can safely clean your Aga enamel with out scratching.

4door Aga
4 Oven Aga cleaned by Ovenmagic