How to Clean Grease from Your Oven ?

How to Clean the grease buildup from your Oven and grill elements ?

At Ovenmagic we receive lots of  emails and search requests on how to fix and stop smoking ovens/grills.

Electric Grill Cleaning
Smoke Coming from your grill

A lot of clients don’t realize they may also have a grill inside the oven, maybe they inherited the Cooker on the purchase of a new house or its a  rented property,  it could be that its built under the worktop and find it difficult to inspect.

So here are some basic Tips.

Remember you do not need to scrape away at the element or use any sprays or potions or steam cleaning devices as elements on the whole are self cleaning.

Presuming you’ve had a good go at cleaning the oven in the tradition way.

Without any food in , turn your grill function on to around 100c for 5-10minutes at least till it glows red, in this time it will smoke badly so have the extractor fan on and windows open and back door if possible , close any other doors leading to lounge or hallway so the smoke and cooking smells don’t go through the house, be aware this will set your smoke alarm off so be ready.

Do the same with all the other functions this will clear any built up fat deposits on the elements ,so you need to do each function separately.

Photo of grill Element
Grill Element burn Off

Most modern ovens cook perfectly at around 180c if you cook at 200c+  for your roast potatoes expect your grill to get soiled.
Take a look here
How to care for your oven

If you still get a problem after going through this procedure then we can arrange for a professional deep clean which is more intensive, including the above procedure  and we will sort the problem out and advise you on how to avoid the problem in the future.

Most ovens need an intensive deep clean by either yourselves or Professionally at least once a year as well as basic monthly maintenance which you would carry out yourself .

If in doubt give Ovenmagic a Shout and we will sort your Oven Out.